Hi, my name is LaSaundra Tarlton and I am the founder of Graceful Capital Funding. I breathe, sleep, and live real estate. I love the real estate industry because it's an industry that will never die. I mean, land isn't going anywhere, right! I graduated law school in 2014 and went on to obtain my L.L.M  in Estate Planning. My 20 years experience in the financial services industry comes from working at major banks such Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and currently at Truist. So, I have a strong legal,  banking, and project management background. 
I started my real estate investing journey in 2016, just a couple of years after law school, and have never looked back or regretted it. Having learned the flip side of real estate investing, I decided to learn the other side of real estate investing, funding after having a bad experience with a private money lender myself. There are so many good deals out there and good people working them trying to build their business. I am extremely client-focused and have always cared more about people than the bottom line with all of my professional roles. I enjoy seeing people get from point a to point b and being part of solution that got them there. So, I look forward to connecting investors with the funding needed to complete their projects in a professional, prompt, and efficient manner.
Outside of real estate, my husband and I enjoy traveling, hosting family and friend gatherings, watching and attending sporting events (go Panthers, go Tarheels, and go Hornets), and just lounging on the deck on a beautiful Carolina day with my favorite glass of wine!